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Happy World Bicycle Day!

Happy World Bicycle Day!

Aloha my lovely friends,

Happy World Bicycle Day to youuuuu! I love to cycle around. When I was living in Amsterdam, I was cycling every day. No matter what the weather was like. Even on those rainy days. I just used an app which told me when to cycle. Besides this Amsterdam is the perfect city for cyclists. I became quite spoilt living there. I was like THE Queen with my bicycle on the streets. I believe, that Amsterdam is the only city where car drivers are afraid of cyclists. hahaha 😀 But even when I moved to Munich, I still continued to cycle my bike to work. It is also a lovely city for cyclists. Unlike here in my hometown. I still cycle a lot, but you have to pay attention on the streets. At some places there are no cycle paths, and car drivers are annoyed of you. (As if it is your fault) Nevertheless, riding a bicycle has so many advantages for me, and for YOU.

Why should you ride a bicycle?

♡ It puts a big big smile on your face. And not only your face, also your heart will be smiling.

♡ It slows down global warming. The earth is happy when you use it.

♡ It carries your goodies. You can carry books, flowers, and of course fooooood (including ice-cream).

♡ It saves you money. No need to pay for fuel, parking fess, or car insurance.

♡ It makes you fit. You don’t have to go to the gym anymore. Yeeey!

And now get on your bicycle and cycle! 🙂
ove, Marina


10 beautiful untranslatable German words

10 beautiful untranslatable German words

Aloha my lovely friends,

I guess, the ones who are living in a country where Whitsun is celebrated, are doing great. To the rest, stay strong. You can hustle through tomorrow and will have a holiday on another Monday where we do not have 😉 despite this, this blogpost is written for all of you. As you can read from the title it is about untranslatable German words, and this problem I have only with my non-German friends. Whenever I am talking with you, there comes a point where I want to say a certain word, but I know only the German version of it. Because of this I open my translation app, type the word, and find a description of the word I am looking for. No translation. Every time it is a new disappointment, because that one word expresses exactly what I am thinking and/or feeling. I do not want to experience this again. So, my lovely friends here is my top ten of the most beautiful but untranslatable German words for you:

Schnapsidee is an idea which is quite crazy. The idea is so crazy, that people assume you must have drunk a lot of alcohol or had to many shots (in some cases even both). But you do not necessarily have to be drunk. Sometimes you just have a Schnapsidee. Even sober. And to be honest, I have quite a Schnapsidee although I am the one who’s (almost) always sober.

Oh oh oh, this word describes me perfectly. I stopped watching trash tv because of it, and I am quite surprised that Fremdschämen is untranslatable! What is wrong with you? I know, that a lot of friends are also feeling ashamed for other people who are acting ridiculous. Please, invent a word for Fremdschämen.

Wanderlust describes strong desire to travel. Leaving home. Filling your passport. Become a travel blogger. Get to know new countries, new people, new languages and new cultures. It describes me 🙂

It was really funny when I tried to translate Ohrwurm for the first time. My friend thought I would have a worm in my ear. But no it is not a worm it is a song you can’t get out of your head and have to sing it over and over again. It sticks in your head, or just in your ear like an Ohrwurm.

An Erbsenzähler is someone who pays a lot of attention to the greatest accuracy and completeness of people or their actions. Or just EVERYTHING. He or she has  a love for detail – a nit picker. But in German this person is counting peas. I like this untranslatable word, because I immidieatly create a picture in my head where this person sits on the floor and starts counting peas. This imagination leads me to the next word.

This word says, that you are creating your own movie in your head. Sort of a cinema in your head. It has something to do with your imagination. You follow your ideas to the end or you illustrate something like me with the word Erbsenzähler. Do you remember the sitcom Scrubs?  JD had always a Kopfkino. He always started to imagine something when someone told a story.

It describes the ability to communicate with others without offending, or embarrassing them. Many sensitive people have a good Fingerspitzengefühl. They act highly emphatic.

Fernweh describes the human longing to leave familiar conditions and to open up the wide world. It is an ache for long distance. The word Fernweh literally contrasts with homesickness, the longing for home.

I would hazard that amny men are Pantoffelhelden. I bet now you want to know what this untranslatable word means. It is a man who pretends to be the tough guy in front of his friends, but cannot assert himself against his wife or girlfriend. How many people will now use this word to call one of their friends being like that? 😉

Okok, I do admit, that sometimes the feeling of Schadenfreude is stronger than Fremdschämen, but in those cases I cannot help myself. Schadenfreude is about the misfortune or bad luck of others. For me it plays a dominant role in maintaining justice. I do not feel Schadenfreude for good people, only for the not so good ones.

Now you know my most favourite untranslatable German words. So next time when we meet again, I want you to understand my phrases when I am using them again. Or you can even use the words. This would impress me even more 😊 but maybe you can tell some untranslatable words in your language. One English word I really like is sweet tooth. I don’t know but I think it is really cute. But any language is welcomed! Spanish, Mandarin, French, Swedish .. just tell me, and explain it to me/us 😉

ove, Marina

How to make the best vegan banana bread

How to make the best vegan banana bread

Hello my lovely friends,
as some of you know, I have a little passion for baking, and I love to try new recipes. Since last fall, my interest in banana bread has been aroused. I have seen it everywhere. No matter on which social media platform. The banana bread was already there. Soon you were able to get ready-made baking mixture in supermarkets, but that’s not what I wanted. I wanted a self-made banana bread. That’s why I did some research on the internet. Trying to find the best vegan recipe, and this it what I came up with.

Ingredients for the best vegan banana bread

How to make the best vegan banana bread

  • Loaf pan
  • 400 grammes ripe bananas (peeled)
  • 80 grammes tasteless oil (e.g. sunflower oil)
  • 80 grammes brown sugar
  • 250 grammes flour
  • 10 grammes baking powder
  • Cinnamon

Who likes:

  • 150 grammes nuts of your choice (hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, or walnuts), or
  • 150 grammes vegan chocolate, or
  • 150 grammes strawberries, or
  • 150 grammes of whatever you want ♥

How to make the best vegan banana bread

  1. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees, fan assisted. Grease the loaf pan and coat it everywhere with a thin layer of flour.
  2. Peel the bananas. It is not necessary to have overripe bananas. Ripe bananas with brown spots are sufficient. However, do not take bananas that still have green spots! It is easier to crush ripe bananas with a fork now. There can still be some chunks left.
  3. Add the brown sugar and oil. According to experts, oil leads to a fluffier result, while butter leads to a particularly dense result. If you are looking for a very dense and juicy banana bread, butter would be the better choice, but butter is no longer vegan. Remember that!
  4. Sift the flour into the bowl, as well as the baking powder, and cinnamon. Stir the dough only briefly with the fork.
  5. Now add the additional ingredient you want. In my case I choose 150 grammes hazelnuts. Roast the nuts in a frying pan without fat until light traces of roast have formed. Also add to the dough.
  6. Pour the dough into the pan and bake the banana bread for about 50 minutes. After about 40 minutes I cover the cake with aluminium foil, otherwise it will get too dark.
  7. Enjoy it!

How to make the best vegan banana bread How to make the best vegan banana bread 

As you can see, it is super easy to bake your own banana bread. Just try, and show me 🙂

ove, Marina