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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Aloha my lovely friends,

Summer is here, and during the last few days the weather has got so lovely. I love it when I can feel the warm sunshine on my skin, smelling the lovely flowers, and eating those delicious summer fruits. What I love most about summer is that I wake up to the twittering of birds, and obviously eating ice cream. 🙂 🙂 Summer feels so refreshing to me. It gives me new energy, and motivation to embrace new habits. It so easier to wake up early, and being productive within the first minute. There is no better feeling than waking up, opening the curtains, and the sun is kissing me awake. Feeling so encouraged I will conquer the world. But for the beginning I will tick off my bucket list for summertime.

1. Visiting my friend in Amsterdam

I haven’t seen her in such a long long time. We are communicating on a regular basis, but it is different than seeing someone in person. I miss hugging her! And I miss her smell. Somehow she has her own scent. I have asked her what perfume she is wearing, but she said, that she is switching between several. So it must be her own natural scent. I can not wait to smell it again. Yes, I know it sounds very creepy but if you would smell the scent you would totally understand me. 😀

2. Having a summer picnic in the greens

I have had several barbecues with my friends before but I have never had a picnic. It looks so beautiful in so many photos & pictures and that is why I really want to try it out. Well, I know that I definitely have to pack mosquito spray with me, but nevertheless I also want to pack my basket full with food and ride my bicycle somewhere in the green to picnic there 🙂 Actually I could combine this when I am visiting my friend in Amsterdam. They have a lovely park called Vondelpark. But maybe you can also recommend to me a lovely place to picnic in Amsterdam?

3. Visiting a drive-in theatre

Yes, I have to admit I have never been into a drive-in theatre. Believe it or not!? I don’t know why. Somehow I never took the chance to go. My friends offered it to me, but I had already other plans. What a pitty. Because I have the feeling I am missing something out. Not that I am missing the movie, more the athmosphere, and the experience. So I have to do some research on drive-in theatres around the area with a nice movie I want to watch.

4. Making homemade ice cream

Okay, who of you does not know how much I looooove ice cream? YES, I do. But I have never made my own homemade ice cream. Simply unbelieveable! It is actually not that hard. So I will try it this year. I could create my own ice cream flavour and open my own ice cream parlour ♡ You might laugh now, but you never know!

5. Picking some wild flowers and creating my own bouquet

I always get so inspired by the pictures on Pinterest of self-made bouquets. I really really want to do it as well. I know, I am not very talented when it comes to crafting my own stuff. Trust me, I am a complete disaster. Drawing? I was that bad that my mum did not even put my pictures from kindergarten on the fridge .. I think now you have an idea how bad I am at creating something creative. But I still want to try my best with the bouquet. There must be some tips! I’ll try to find them and share them with you 🙂

â„’ove, Marina

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