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Happy World Bicycle Day!

Happy World Bicycle Day!

Aloha my lovely friends,

Happy World Bicycle Day to youuuuu! I love to cycle around. When I was living in Amsterdam, I was cycling every day. No matter what the weather was like. Even on those rainy days. I just used an app which told me when to cycle. Besides this Amsterdam is the perfect city for cyclists. I became quite spoilt living there. I was like THE Queen with my bicycle on the streets. I believe, that Amsterdam is the only city where car drivers are afraid of cyclists. hahaha 😀 But even when I moved to Munich, I still continued to cycle my bike to work. It is also a lovely city for cyclists. Unlike here in my hometown. I still cycle a lot, but you have to pay attention on the streets. At some places there are no cycle paths, and car drivers are annoyed of you. (As if it is your fault) Nevertheless, riding a bicycle has so many advantages for me, and for YOU.

Why should you ride a bicycle?

♡ It puts a big big smile on your face. And not only your face, also your heart will be smiling.

♡ It slows down global warming. The earth is happy when you use it.

♡ It carries your goodies. You can carry books, flowers, and of course fooooood (including ice-cream).

♡ It saves you money. No need to pay for fuel, parking fess, or car insurance.

♡ It makes you fit. You don’t have to go to the gym anymore. Yeeey!

And now get on your bicycle and cycle! 🙂
ove, Marina


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