by Marina Penélope ♡

Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Aloha my lovely friends,

long time no see. I had some trouble with my webhoster/blog. It took a while for me to solve them, and I had to ask friends for help, but I made it. Finally 🙂 🙂 And I have great news for you, I have a new domain name – ♥

Besides that I also have a new summer post for you. It’s all about my must have essentials during summer time. I bet  everyone has a product which saves their lives. I have 7 in total. I cannot imagine summer without them. They save my life every year, or whenever I am in a hot country.

1. Babypowder 

This is my number one essential for summer. I have this trick from my mum. She always used to have a little bottle of babypowder with her. When I was little my mum powdered my body with it and it cooled me down. Nowadays I put some of the powder under my armpids. Since I am using a deodorant without aluminium I sweat a lot, and the babypowder tries to keep it dry. But babypowder is an allrounder. I sometimes use it for my greasy hair as well. A tiny amout of it on my hair and massage it, until I cannot see the white powder anymore. You should start doing some research on this little magic essential. Soon you will find out how it will increase your survival chances during summer time 😉

2. Summer hats

I looooooove wearing hats. No matter if it is winter or summer! During winter time felt hats are keeping me warm and during summer time straw hats are protecting me against the sun. To be more precise, they are protecting my hair. This year I decided to get a smaller version. Although the XXL straw hats are really in fashion right now. After the models on the catwalks wearing the oversized hats, you can see them on the heads of almost all influencers and bloggers. But trust me, even the smallest ones will give you enough shade on hot summer days.

3. Sun glasses

80% of the time during summer I am wearing sunnies. I am always carrying them within my bag, and every year I am treating myself with a new pair of sun glasses. I love them. No matter in what shade, colour, or size! I am quite lucky that I have a face shape which suits a lot of sunnies. However, tested UV protection (pay attention to the CE mark!) is essential to me. Hardly any other accessory offers so many possibilities and transforms even a simple jeans look into a fashion statement. This is why sunnies are a summer essential to me. I love them ♥

4. Water bottle

Drinking water is so essential during the summer! Well, not only during summer but during this season you should definitely drink more water! With my new thermosbottle I can keep my water cold for at least 12 hours. This saves my life. I hate it when I am drinking warm water. Eew! During the summer I like to put some mint inside my bottle so it is more refreshing, and it tastes so yummy. But you have various possibilities. You can put fruit inside as well. I think I will show you some infused water options soon.

6. Sheetmasks

I use them so so much during the summer time. OMG! You cannot imagine! For a more refreshing effect I put them in the fridge so they have super super cooling impact on my face. With my sheetmask I release everything and forget the world for 15 minutes. This is pure luxury for me. Besides that they are great for your skin, since it is thirsty as well. But please, do not forget the time. Because if it is to long on your face it will absorb moisture and your skin will start to dehydrate.

7. Magazines or easy read

I enjoy reading a lot. But during the summer time I want to read easy reads. It is very hard  for me to concentrate that long when it is too warm. So I enjoy a brisk summer love story, and keep the dark thrillers for winter time. Sometimes I ditch books and prefer magazines. Especially when I am at the beach. I don’t mind magazines getting wet.  And another advantage is that I get informed about the new trends for the upcoming seasons.

Now you know what my summer essentials are. I hope I have inspired you, and you are using one of my essentials. What about your essentials? Tell me your secrets 🙂

ove, Marina

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Aloha my lovely friends,

Summer is here, and during the last few days the weather has got so lovely. I love it when I can feel the warm sunshine on my skin, smelling the lovely flowers, and eating those delicious summer fruits. What I love most about summer is that I wake up to the twittering of birds, and obviously eating ice cream. 🙂 🙂 Summer feels so refreshing to me. It gives me new energy, and motivation to embrace new habits. It so easier to wake up early, and being productive within the first minute. There is no better feeling than waking up, opening the curtains, and the sun is kissing me awake. Feeling so encouraged I will conquer the world. But for the beginning I will tick off my bucket list for summertime.

1. Visiting my friend in Amsterdam

I haven’t seen her in such a long long time. We are communicating on a regular basis, but it is different than seeing someone in person. I miss hugging her! And I miss her smell. Somehow she has her own scent. I have asked her what perfume she is wearing, but she said, that she is switching between several. So it must be her own natural scent. I can not wait to smell it again. Yes, I know it sounds very creepy but if you would smell the scent you would totally understand me. 😀

2. Having a summer picnic in the greens

I have had several barbecues with my friends before but I have never had a picnic. It looks so beautiful in so many photos & pictures and that is why I really want to try it out. Well, I know that I definitely have to pack mosquito spray with me, but nevertheless I also want to pack my basket full with food and ride my bicycle somewhere in the green to picnic there 🙂 Actually I could combine this when I am visiting my friend in Amsterdam. They have a lovely park called Vondelpark. But maybe you can also recommend to me a lovely place to picnic in Amsterdam?

3. Visiting a drive-in theatre

Yes, I have to admit I have never been into a drive-in theatre. Believe it or not!? I don’t know why. Somehow I never took the chance to go. My friends offered it to me, but I had already other plans. What a pitty. Because I have the feeling I am missing something out. Not that I am missing the movie, more the athmosphere, and the experience. So I have to do some research on drive-in theatres around the area with a nice movie I want to watch.

4. Making homemade ice cream

Okay, who of you does not know how much I looooove ice cream? YES, I do. But I have never made my own homemade ice cream. Simply unbelieveable! It is actually not that hard. So I will try it this year. I could create my own ice cream flavour and open my own ice cream parlour ♡ You might laugh now, but you never know!

5. Picking some wild flowers and creating my own bouquet

I always get so inspired by the pictures on Pinterest of self-made bouquets. I really really want to do it as well. I know, I am not very talented when it comes to crafting my own stuff. Trust me, I am a complete disaster. Drawing? I was that bad that my mum did not even put my pictures from kindergarten on the fridge .. I think now you have an idea how bad I am at creating something creative. But I still want to try my best with the bouquet. There must be some tips! I’ll try to find them and share them with you 🙂

ove, Marina

Nails Nails Nails – My Summer Nail Polishes

Nails Nails Nails - My Summer Nail Polishes

Aloha my lovely friends,

You can read it from the title. Todays focus will be on nails. To be more precise: nail polishes. I love wearing nail polish during the whole year. Red, nude, neon or glitter polish – the right nail polish is a must for every perfect style. It makes you look so chic & elegant or edgy & fancy. But one thing is certain for fashionistas: the best outfit is no good if the nail polish does not match the outfit or the lipstick – nail polish is one of the key accessories of an outfit. This is why I take a lot of care of my nails. I try to do a manicure every week. And once a month I treat myself to a professional manicure 🙂 I love it, it doesn’t cost you much, and yet it feels luxurious. You should try it. I promise you, you will LOVE it. At a manicure salon you are also able to try new colours, which you do not have in your collection. I like to try those crazy colours such as yellow, blue or green. Because nail trends change just as quickly as fashion trends. So I like to try them out first, to see if the colour suits me and if it is worth buying. What always works for me: nude and red nail polish, it gives me a well-groomed look. During summertime, however, I love it more colourful.

ESSIE “fiji”

This colour is probably one of Essie’s most hyped nail polishes. This soft pink shade comes along so girlishly, and elegant. The nail polish has something special. It does not look as hard as white, yet it is quite striking and anything but a discreet nude. Although it  fits both in the winter time (with a glitter top coats), as well as solo with your tanned skin (I still have to wait for some tanned skin 🙁 ) during summertime. I can understand that this nail polish is so popular. I also like the colour very much ♡

ESSIE “watermelon”

I would describe the colour “watermelon” as a reddish pink. It is just perfect for summer. This nail polish really attracts attention, without looking terrible. The tone is rather playful and very girlish than “fiji”. During summer, you can see the colour on my fingernails quite often. However, it is by far my most favourite colour on my toes. I love it, when I look down on my feet and it looks like summer although it is winter. It just makes me happy 🙂

ESSIE “saltwater happy”

I tried “saltwater happy” last summer in the nail studio, and I fell immediately in LOVE with the colour. It is a baby blue cream nail polish, free of any shimmer or glitter. However, I have to say, that this blueish colour does not suit everyone. Try it out in a nail studio, or get a low-priced nail polish first. If it suits you, spend the money on this one. The quality is so much better than any other. You will notice that I am in love with “saltwater happy”. The colour is not only characterised by its beautiful colour (which I’ve been asked about several times), but is just like it was made for the summer.

Enjoy your summer nails!

ove, Marina